CalcConv by Mobilissimo is an interesting and handy tool. I have been playing with it for the past week. Its starting point is the basic calculator, very similar in look and feel to the Calculator app that comes with the iPhone/Touch. That calculator covers the basic and scientific calculator.

CalcConv begins to shine when you go beyond the calculator features to the conversion features. The conversions range
from temperature, to acceleration to taxes (yes taxes: US or Canada. Nifty). First impressions. I like having this with me. I like to know it’s there when I need it. My most likely uses include currency exchange, sales markups or markdowns, cooking, volume and length. There are 25 categories in version 1.3. 

When I first got the app, there was a bit of a problem with changing the units, but an update quickly took care of that. Now there are very distinguishing up/down arrows in each corner and a nice big space in the top middle for changing conversion units. I also found it appealing that results flash up as you are inputting data, real time calculations. The only thing is that you have to adjust your attention if you are only using it as a calculator because the last conversion data remains on the screen as well. Once you do a calculation or two, that’s easily ignored. 

RPN calculators are quite numerous in the AppStore. This feature is available in CalcConv. I’ve never done math calculations in this manner on a calculator, so I had to spend a little time on Wikipedia learning about this methodology. For those inclined, my understanding is that RPN allows more efficient data entry. I can logically follow it, but for some reason, it seems a new trick this dog can’t handle right now. So I stick to the old (inefficient) way for now.

That aside, I had another conversion application before this. It quickly lost its spot to Mobilissimo’s CalcConv.

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