Camera Timer

If you threw a pebble at the app store, it would bounce off about 10 camera apps before coming to rest.  So how does Camera Timer from Nuno Carvalho Entertainment stack up against the glut?  Well, it does exactly what it’s namesake implies…and nothing more.  This app allows you to specify whether the iPhone will take a picture in 15, 30 or 45 seconds.  Optional SFX will let you know when it’s just about to snap.  In what is easily my shortest review ever, that’s it, the end.

I have a couple gripes while we’re all here.  First a generalization; there are 2 types of camera apps out there if you loosely categorize: those that add value to the native camera app and those that strive to be a replacement for it.  Camera Timer has positioned itself as the former when to me it makes much more sense to shoot for the latter.  What you get is something in between that I think would be a struggle to find a permanent home for on your iPhone.  There’s no stabilization feature using the accelerometer.  There’s no autosave option.  The camera roll is accessible from the app but the author inexplicably overlays his logo on each one, reducing the viewable image area for no justifiable reason.

When apps exist that do what Camera Timer does plus considerably more and for less jack (such as Darkroom Premium), it’s impossible to recommend this app unless you simply must have an extra icon on your iPhone that serves the singular purpose of timing the camera shutter release.

Version reviewed – 1
Reviewed on – iPhone 3G 8G 2.2.1

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