Car Minder App: auto maintenance and fuel mileage for iPhone (Free Promo Codes)

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We have 3 promo codes for Car Minder to give away. This is a REALLY cool app for helping you maintain mileage, and maintenance records for your vehicle.  What do you have to do to get a free promo code?  Become a fan of our Facebook page and 3 lucky people will be given promo codes from a random drawing. If you are already a fan on Facebook you may win as well.  So sign up on Facebook and see if it is your lucky day.

Car Minder is an application for managing all your car maintenance needs, logging repairs and tracking fuel economy. Keep track of multiple cars, services and repairs. Keep track of oil changes, tire rotations, and other maintenance tasks for all your cars. Never have to wonder again when your car needs it’s next oil change or the last time you replaced those squeaky windshield wipers. Detect potential problems early by tracking your fuel consumption. Taking care of your car by following recommended maintenance intervals prolongs the life of your car, keeps it running better and increases fuel economy so that you use less gas. Use Car Minder to get the most out of your vehicle.

Car Minder’s easy and beautiful interface lets you record services, fillups and repairs in mere seconds and lookup when a service is due just as fast.

Car Minder’s new Gas Log lets you easily track your gas consumption By displaying your average mileage, most recent mileage and a graph of all your fillups. In addition, Car Minder displays a nice gauge to help you easily identify how your last fillup compares to your average.

Car Minder keeps a complete record of your car and allows you to email those records to anyone.

Every time you sync with iTunes, Car Minder’s database is backed up to your computer and can be restored if you lose or break your phone.

NEW in 3.0
* Gas log to track fuel economy

* Manage Multiple Cars
* Manage Multiple Services for Each Car
* Repair Log for Each Car
* Gas Log for Each Car
* Service Intervals for Mileage and Date
* Lights indicating services that need attention
* Maintain Complete Service History
* Store Notes for Each Car, Service and Service Record
* Miles/Kilometers and Gallon/Liter Options
* Optional Built-In Services to Help You Get Started
* Notification when services are due soon or overdue
* Graph Fuel Economy Over Time
* Email Vehicle Service and Repair History
* Reordering of Cars
* In-App Help
* Configurable Service Warning Ranges
* Multiple Ways to Calculate Fuel Economy
* Option to not have a mileage or monthly service interval. (just leave it as 0)

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