Card Ninja

Boogers. Paper footballs. More boogers. If boredom has taught us nothing else, it’s that flicking stuff is fun! And that’s the premise behind Card Ninja: flick stuff, in this case cards. The app itself includes just one line of instruction: “Flick to matching targets” and that’s basically it… you flick cards at matching targets and try to keep up with the game’s ever-increasing quota.

Flicking properly isn’t quite as easy as it sounds because sometimes you have to match the card color (flick green to green, blue to blue, etc.) and sometimes you have to match the card faces to the little target icons. Card Ninja doesn’t tell you which to do, so it’s on you to figure it out.

Pint Sized Mobile is off to a good start with this pick-up-n-play time waster, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Right now there’s no scoreboard to speak of, iPod music isn’t supported, and there are zero game options for controlling sound, starting over, or anything of the sort.

Card Ninja is good for some quick, mindless fun, and I think the $.99 price is about right… just be ready for an app that lacks the bells & whistles you’re used to seeing in other games.

The levels shown in this video are pretty advanced! I haven’t reached them yet cuz I’m bad at flicking

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