Cars.tomizer Pro – Add custom paint, stripes, and designs to your car

Carstomizer Pro ScreenShotMalaysian based independent developer, Emir Samsuddin, has recently released Cars.tomizer Pro version 1.2 in the App Store. The app was developed exclusively for the iPhone and iTouch devices and available worldwide. Cars.tomizer Pro enables users to fully customize parts to their own vehicles. Users only need to take a side photo of their vehicle and load it up into the app and start pimping their ride!

Cars.tomizer Pro recently added the In-App Vehicles feature too, where users can just select any vehicles inside the app to customize. Plenty of parts available and increasing in the future – more than 40 wheels, side skirts, rear wings, decals and brake calipers. For the In App Vehicles, users are able to paint them to any color from the full range of colors.

The best feature of this app, is probably the ability to paint the parts so that they match the car body. Parts that can be painted are side skirts, rear wing and the brake caliper. Choose ANY colors!

For the In-App Vehicles, you can also change the backdrop (as seen in the screenshot above). Upon checking out, you can save the pimped vehicles photo to your device’s Photo Albums or Publish it to Facebook. You can also add custom text to the photo, with 5 different fonts to choose from and fully customizable colors for the font face and shadow.

With the release of Pro version, the developer also released a Lite version which is free, however only few parts are given and functions are limited.

Price for Cars.tomizer Pro is USD1.99 but on sale now at USD0.99.

Buy Cars.tomizer Pro While It is On Sale!

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