Chickie Dominos 2 launch; HD, Retina, Universal (FREE for limited time!)

The best dominos game in the app store just got way better! v2.0 is out, and FREE for a limited time!

Chickie Dominos, the traditional dominos game also known as “Chicken Foot”, has the 3-toe pattern that makes every round of dominos fun! Play all your dominos before your opponent, or your dominos turn into eggs and points count against you! You will be a dominos fan in no time with the 5 minute interactive tutorial, and standard swipe and pinch controls.

**** NEW IN 2.0! ****

* Harder AI
* Double-9 set
* GameCenter achievements and leaderboard
* HD and Retina display
* Universal app
* Interactive Tutorial (5 min)
* Physics-based layout of domino collisions
* Spanish localization
* GUI and Graphics improvements

**** UPCOMING ****

Multi-Player didn’t make it into this release! Coming soon there will be multiplayer GameCenter, BlueTooth and WiFi, for up to four players!

Android and Mac desktop versions coming soon too!

iTunes App store

Trailer on YouTube

*** The Daily Appster Video June 6th, 2011 episode:
“Very fun, very cool. Nice implementation of this game!” (reviewing v1.4) ***


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