ChilliJuice Launches Machine-crushing Panda Missiles on the iPhone

Free Fallers Lite is Now Available in Apple’s App Store

LONDON, UK – October 22, 2010 – ChilliJuice today announced that Free Fallers Lite is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch. Free Fallers couples destructive action with strategy like no other, and even promotes a green theme. Guide skydiving animals and help them CRUSH the menacing machines invading their land! Do not be fooled by these cute characters; this is a challenging game.

In Free Fallers, the player must help skydiving animals crush the machines intent on destroying their home, all while avoiding mid-air collisions and killer poison clouds! Skillful players are rewarded with power-ups that transform the animals into supercharged destructive missiles! And for those players that are competitive, there is a deep scoring system that can be exploited by continuously combining attacks, ensuring a position high up in the leaderboards.

Free Fallers HD gameplay video

ChilliJuice Launches Machine-crushing Panda Missiles on the iPhone

“I’m extremely pleased with Free Fallers, and respected industry sources have given it glowing reviews”, said Tony Micilotta, co-founder of ChilliJuice. “Cool new sensation” “Challenging, fast-paced fun”, and “Innovative gameplay mechanic” are a few of our favourite quotes. A defining feature is the Compete Mode which consists of 5 mini-games; players can challenge their friends in head-to-head one-shot challenges, all of which can be played even when offline.

Free Fallers Lite is similar to the full version, but with a limited number of parachutes that can be deployed. The full version is available for $0.99 in the U.S. App Store, and is priced accordingly in all other regions.

Please visit for a game play video, screen shots, and additional information.

ChilliJuice is an environmentally conscious UK based gaming company founded by two experienced and committed software developers with a single-minded focus: Finger-Burning Fun


If you would like further information on Free Fallers or ChilliJuice, or you would like to schedule and interview, please contact
Tony Micilotta, co-founder, ChilliJuice Ltd
Phone: +44 (0) 783 0000388

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