Chrome-8: A Logic Puzzle Game for iPhone

Chrome-8, the innovative iPhone puzzle game, hits the AppStore in March

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comHongKong – Far East Asia Development Co. Ltd today announced that Chrome-8, an innovative logic puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch, is on sale in the AppStore.

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Chrome-8 offers the player colorful, clean game boards with simple game rules and endless challenges ranging from the apprentice’s to the wizard’s level. Puzzles are solved by re-arranging colors in symetrical patterns, graphs, stimulating the player’s geometrical and logical dexterity. Unlike many other games, Chrome-8 offers a genuinely interesting logic puzzle, strict no-nonsense game experience, with direct, uncomplicated feedback and rewards. Chrome-8 is also OpenFeint enabled.

“To generate Chrome-8 puzzles, we use a new puzzle generator, designed specifically for the game, that is based on advanced research in mathematics and formal methods.” explains Mr. Saflund, Chrome-8′s designer.

Chrome-8 is initially available in Chinese, English, French, and Japanese, and costs $ 0.99. Available directly through iTunes AppStore or via

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