Chuck The Ball

Chuck (the Ball) is a game revolving around a soccer-ball character named Chuck. The point of the game is to have Chuck gather all the stars in the field in the least amount of time and turns.

The game comes with three styles of playing:

• Challenge
• Free Play
• Custom Levels

Challenge mode means that points are deducted for changing Chuck’s direction, but they are usually made up for with the more stars you gather. Free Play means that no points are deducted, and you can use as many moves as you’d like. Custom levels can be built, saved and played in immediately. It works much like Free Play because points are not deducted, merely gained. With 100 levels to play through, this game will continually keep you going.

Controls are simple. To pause the game, just tap with two fingers. Direct Chuck by tapping and sliding a certain direction ahead of him. That’s really all.

Pros: Simple handling, puzzle-solving, challenging

Cons: You can’t direct Chuck where a star is located. Minor downer.

Bottom Line: Chuck is a fun puzzle-solving game using directional technique and clever moves. Original and inexpensive, this expansive puzzle game is definitely worth checking out.

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