Class room audio

Setting up a classroom audio can be a difficult.  There are a lot of classroom audio systems on the market.

One of the most popular means of setting up the class room is in a theatre setting. This will allow for the best classroom amplification. This is the most efficient set-up when the attendees will act as an audience. This set-up is not recommended for food events or if note taking is required.

This is a very flexible room set-up. Rows can be circular, semi-circular, straight, or angled toward the focal point. Offset each row so that attendees don’t have to look over the person in front of them (this will increase the space required). A plenum rated amplifier may help in this setting.

If using banquet type chairs, space them 3” to 6” apart as these chairs are normally narrower than most people’s bodies. If you have the space, allow for 24” between rows to allow attendees easy movement in and out of the row.

Good for large groups when reading/writing are not required

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