Close My Deal: The No.1 Negotiation App for iPhone and iPad

Close My Deal assists you in getting more of what you want, whether making business deals, selling your car or even buying a house or getting a better redundancy pay-out. The app gives you practical tools that you can use in everyday life and provides a personalised solution to all your negotiating needs.

Rich with video content, practical advice and tips, the App includes an e-book training manual and various fun tools to manage multiple deals. You will discover your own personal style, strengths and weaknesses and learn how to handle difficult people and master deal making situations.

Getting better deals for yourself is vital in these tough economic times – Close My Deal gives you that vital edge over your negotiation opponents.


• Coach – A practical, problem-solving tool that tells you why negotiations go wrong, and how to put them right.

• Gameplan – Build your own deal-making plans to take control of negotiations and get better wins for yourself.

• How to Win – Develop negotiating skills the professional way. This step-by-step guide is packed with examples and videos.

• Profiler – Chart your personal negotiating style and compare it with others to discover and develop your inner winner.

• Tough Guy – Your emergency service for combating bully-boys. Stop them in their tracks with this quick reference tool.

• Who Holds the Aces? – Make the most of the aces in your hand. Analyse the balance of negotiating power so you can play to win.

Device Requirements:

• * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
• * 136MB

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