Cohuman: The simplest way for teams to delegate, prioritize & track tasks.

Cohuman’s New iPhone App puts your Business in your Pocket – Helping on the go teams stay in sync

San Francisco —June 9, 2011 — Cohuman, the award-winning app for teams that makes obvious who’s doing what, is now available on the Apple iPhone.

“It’s what we don’t know that tends to worry us.” says Matthew Work, CEO and Co-founder of Cohuman. “During those grey hours, those times when we’re getting ready to go to work or have just left the office – usually the times when we’re the least connected – our stress spikes. We developed our new iPhone app to put Cohuman in the palm of your hand, at that very moment when you’re pulse starts to race.”

Cohuman is a web application that keeps the entire team up-to-the-minute on who’s doing what. Each task member can instantly access live status updates so they always know who is responsible for the next step of a project or assignment. Cohuman addresses the three fundamental questions knowledge workers face daily:
1. Have I forgotten to do something?
2. Has someone else forgotten to do something I’ve delegated to them?
3. Which task is more important for me to tackle first? Task triage.

Cohuman provides smart technology to keep team members on track with their projects, helping them prioritize and streamline communications. Just as social media has helped us communicate and share our experiences with wide audiences, Cohuman brings improved communications and task sharing to the office. With Cohuman, the status of your projects and related communications are as accessible and user-friendly as Linkedin and Facebook. Nothing is left to chance. A common sense algorithm is built into Cohuman to organize everyone’s tasks based on the needs of the team and seamless email integration ensures that even the curmudgeons in the group are in the loop.

“Are we on the right track?” asks Matthew Work. “I think so. Besides designing the tool I wished I had to manage my prior companies, Cohuman regularly gets rave reviews, be it on Twitter, Get Satisfaction or one of the many online marketplaces we’re in. That’s the true test for us – and for now, we’re doing rather well!”

“I have spent two months trying to find an application that will manage my company’s projects and tasks,” said one of our customers recently. “I was getting more desperate for organization. I checked [Cohuman] out and 24 hours later I have tons of tasks, projects, comments, etc… THANK YOU SO MUCH for Cohuman. It is exactly what I have been looking for and I continue to recommend it to others. I REALLY appreciate what you have done.”

Where to Find Cohuman
Cohuman’s free iPhone app can be found in the Productivity category at Cohuman for your desktop or laptop is available online as a free or professional service at http://www.cohuman,com in the Google Apps Marketplace™ and in the Chrome Store™.

About Cohuman
Cohuman ( is a task-based web service that keeps teams in sync by making information more people-centric, organized and transparent. Founded in 2009, Cohuman is based in San Francisco with customers in over 140 countries.

For further information, please contact:

Ronan Dunlop
Vice President of Marketing
Cohuman, Inc
Mobile: (415) 244-9700
Work: (415) 986-4521


Julia Glenister
Mobile: (415) 246-6075
Work: (415) 459-3688

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