Coin Booth: Get Your Face on a Coin

Have you ever imagined your face is on a coin? Coin Booth is the first IOS application let your face placed on a coin.

With Coin Booth, you are not only as famous as your face is on a coin, but also as rich as you can splash your coins about. You will soon find yourself enjoying Coin Booth.

Despite coming out from the cutting edge technology, Coin Booth is so easy to use that every little kid can play with. Keep your lover, family, friends, and unforgettable moments on your own coin or just have fun with.

You can
- Select your subject from Photo Albums or Camera. Anything can be subject.
- Zoom and locate the subject on the coin surface.
- Pick the coin template among US dime, EU euro, US dollar, UK pound via In App Purchase. Each coin template has its own coining & engraving setting.
- Type any ASCII character into the coin.
- Select the material of coin among “GOLD”, “SILVER”, and “BRONZE”.
- Touch, pinch, and flip the coin. Enjoy ‘head or tail’ game
- Simply save or delete.

Coin Booth
- Supports IOS 3.0 or higher.
- Supports sending Email.
- Supports Facebook posting and uploading.
- Supports Twitter(Twitpic) posting and uploading.
- Is stand-alone(needs no network connection) application.

Easy and Fun. 2011 cubmusic

Coin Booth (Free):

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