Colibricks: breakout style game for iPhone/iPod Touch

Colibricks is a well known Macintosh breakout-style brick game that got rave reviews because of its accurate physics and smooth graphics. Now it’s available for the iPhone and iPod Touch too!

In most other brick games, balls don’t really behave like real balls at all. When a ball hits a corner, for example, it just goes back in the opposite direction. And balls usually go straight through each other. Not so with Colibricks.

The purpose-built physics engine in Colibricks calculates each ball’s trajectory exactly, using precise mathematical formulas, so they bounce off corners just like a real ball would, and even collide with each other. The antialiased 3D graphics use sub-pixel positioning so that balls can move really slowly without jumping one pixel at a time. It all looks very real and precise, and all motion is smooth as butter.

But of course it’s also just a lot of fun to play! Forget those boring old rectangular grids of bricks, Colibricks has rotated bricks that can form circles and spirals, for example. Some bricks also move.

And of course there are lots of special bricks that give you points, equipment like the laser or magnet, a bigger or smaller paddle (or even a double one with a gap in the middle), and can even grow or shrink balls. That’s right, you may end up with a screen full of balls of different sizes, from giant boulders to tiny specks, with appropriate weights obviously. In some levels the bricks will actually be shooting at you, so watch out for those arrows!

In Colibricks, you don’t rely on luck to finish a level. Prizes are not random, but tied to specific bricks in each level, often requiring special strategies to get to certain bricks to finish the rest of the level. Skill and smarts are what will give you high scores.

Control is via multitouch (one finger moving the paddle, an extra finger to release balls or fire the laser) or via tilt. Difficulty settings can be adjusted: apart from a “normal” and “easy” setting, you can also activate Training mode which allows you to adjust the paddle size, speed, number of lives, etc… High scores will not be recorded in that case, though.

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