Combat Focus Shooting: Balance of Speed and Precision Shot Timer

Boxkite Media has recently teamed up with I.C.E. (Integrity. Consistency. Efficiency.) Training to develop a one-of-a-kind, combat-focused iPhone application, appropriately titled Combat Focus Shooting.

Working alongside Rob Pincus, founder of I.C.E. Training and co-star of The Outdoor Network’s “The Best Defense,” we custom-built Combat Focus Shooting while aiming at those interested in self-defense, with the goal to establish and ripen the skills necessary for combat.  These skills include increased awareness, competence, and gaining a natural sense of self while in a combat-focused situation.

Staying true to the concepts of Balance of Speed and Precision, Combat Accuracy, The Warrior Expert Theory and overall Consistency Development, our Combat Focus Shooting App tests these concepts by throwing a user into a real-world, combat-centralized environment.  The App then returns accurate results of the simulated test based on user-performance.

Combat Focus Shooting also eliminates repetitive, predictable shooting drills by allowing a user to fully customize their combat adventure by selecting a variety of voice commands, numerous shooting intervals, and an assortment of combat duration times, offering a more realistic, combat-focused experience.

Other Features Include:

  • Creating your own Balance of Speed and Precision drills at any time
  • Customizing drills for any target type
  • Customizing drills for your skill level
  • Receiving command alerts via device speaker, headphones, and device vibration (if available)
  • Saving custom drills for future use
  • Keeping up with the latest news from the Combat Focus Shooting Instructor team

Download Combat Focus Shooting for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

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