Combine Tetris and Scrabble and you get Wordblox

This is a very entertaining Press Release and the app looks pretty cool too.  The developer was kind enough to provide some free promo codes to try Wordblox out.  So if you are a fan of Tetris and Scrabble you should check it out.

Year 1989-Hello Lego

Just turned 8 and I clearly remember when my mum bought me my first lego. Those were the days when we did not have fancy computers and lego was the TOY for the cool kids.

Year 1990-Scrabble, the brain trainer

My mum just bought scrabble and got my little sister and I to play this word board game.  She thought it would make us smarter but what she did not know was the fact that scrabble contains a ridiculous dictionary with words like Qat.  Since she was an english teacher, vuk,qat,aha were definite no-nos. My “voclabulari” never improved.

Year 1991-Tetris

I finally managed to get hold of an 8bit Nintendo console from my older cousin after begging him for 3 years and 2 months. I still remember my tiny arms clutching the device against my chest as my mum drove our car into the side ditch. Luckily, the console survived and Tetris opened my eyes.

Year 2010-WordBlox, scrabble meets tetris

I just came back from my holidays and I am not playing Lego anymore. The world  is now ruled by the evil apple and people are becoming millionaires with farts,horns and beers apps. That’s when I thought, if farts,horns and beers app make people rich, scrabble and Tetris games would make me a zillion times richer. Since tetris and scrabble were already on the app store, I decided to mate them and the best thing is that neither Mr Tetris nor Mrs scrabble would be able to claim ownership.  I jumped on the Apple bandwagon and decided to write a game before it is too late. Oh well, I guess it might be too late now because I am now resorting to writing a press release for my own app. How lame is that?

Anyways, below are 5 promo codes for wordblox which can be downloaded here:

Free Promo Codes:



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