The key question every comiXology user asks is simply, “Is it Wednesday yet?” The website is overflowing with information about the latest comic book releases and reviews, and their native iPhone application allows you to view the essentials of their site in a simplistic tap-through format. Each option provides specifics on issues and categories and previews can be viewed if available.

ComiXology’s site is used to purchase, view and organize comic book series. It provides a full listing of of comics that can be shipped from DC Comics, Marvel, Image, and many more independent publishing companies. Functionality in the native application is much like the site, but in a more linear format.

The application allows you to have comics “pulled” directly to your phone. This functionality directs new comics immediately to your account. If users are looking for more comics they might want to get into, they can view what fellow readers have pulled recently. Podcasts are available to hear more about the creators of the comics you love as well. News is updated daily and can be read directly from the application. Comic previews and listings are updated every Wednesday, which gives obvious thrill when it comes around.

The Good: Quick previews, multi-touch zoom, great quality, plenty of options

The Bad: No landscape viewing, no functionality for uploading your own comics

The Bottom Line: This application is great for comic enthusiasts, but casual readers will find the learning curve to be steep.

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