COMMUNILATOR-Global Translator with Voice and Photo Translation

RantNetwork Announces the First Universal Translator App with Image Processing and Voice for iPhone

RantNetwork announces the integration of ABBYY FineReader Engine in Communilator, a photo and voice translation application for SmartPhones

RantNetwork, developers of translation applications for SmartPhones and ABBYY USA, a leading provider of document recognition, document capture, and linguistic technologies and services, announced the integration of ABBYY FineReader Engine into Communilator, the world’s first translation application capable of reading and translating foreign text in over 50 languages. Images captured with the smartphone’s camera are quickly turned into usable text with FineReader, before being delivered as clear, fluent speech in 21 possible languages. The Communilator application provides language translation for over 3,000 language pairs and is seamlessly integrated with users’ other personal communications tools such as email and SMS. The “Communilator” will initially be launched on the iPhone with BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile platforms to follow shortly thereafter. Free downloads of the Communilator will be available through the Apple iTunes App Catalog and links on Communilator’s Web site.

Translate foreign languages in images“The ability to communicate in a variety of languages has taken on a growing significance in today’s increasingly global society,” said Dean Tang, CEO at ABBYY USA. “ABBYY technology makes it easy for both enterprise and consumer mobile phone users to take the information around them and use it in new ways. Integration of the FineReader Engine within the Communilator application makes it simple for someone to overcome potential language barriers and truly interact and communicate with the world around them.”

FineReader Engine is a highly intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrating the most accurate OCR, intelligent character recognition (ICR), optimization-based recognition (OBR), optical mark recognition (OMR), and document and PDF conversion technologies into applications.Translate languages on images using your iPhone

“With its advanced recognition and conversion capabilities, our use of ABBYY FineReader has enabled the Communilator to become an essential tool for travel, international business, global social networking and for the legal, medical and academic professions. Importantly, it provides a key component of a Second Language Support program. Our users love the outstanding OCR precision, speed of image recognition and format retention” says Kenneth Volet, CEO of RantNetwork.

About RantNetwork
Founded in 2007, RantNetwork has become the Leader in Image and Text Translation Services for the Global Communications Market. RantNetwork’s early vision of a mobile application which combines the text scanner function with machine translation technology was an industry first. The labors of that vision have given birth to Communilator, a “best of breed” solution based on the fusion of mobile, internet and machine language translation technologies incorporating the latest voice synthesizers and photo recognition technology available. For more info and a free download:


Communilator - RantNetwork, Inc

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