Companies begin to release plans for iPad development

2 developers, Big in Japan and Firemint, have each declared that they’ll be redesigning current iPhone/iPod touch Apps for use on the Apple iPad. Big in Japan is concentrating on a fresh version of ShopSavvy, a barcode scanning app that aids to find the best prices on merchandise. The app will carry all of the original features, with the addition of features like video product reviews and side-by-side comparisons of scanned products.

Firemint’s current iPad project is Flight Control. The game — which has participants try to land a fleet of aircraft — was earlier issued in early March of last year, and lately exceeded 2-million in sales through the App Store. While the title is currently said to work on the iPad with no changes, the company is still doing work towards an enhanced version.

Neither company has disclosed when the updated programs will be released, or if they will retain the same cost.

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