Compare Apple Product Prices

I found a comparison shopping site for Apple products at  They offer a ton of Apple products from different retailers so you can shop for the best price.  You can also sort products by Most Popular, Lowest Price, Highest Price, and Best Deal.  One good thing about purchasing Apple products from an online retailer is the money you can save on local taxes.

One of the problems when looking to purchase an Apple product is that Apple controls everything.  Retailers are not supposed to cut prices because Apple feels that it devalues their product, and they do not want to get in to a pricing war for their own retail stores.

The one exception to Apple price controls appears to be Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart will typically offer products for a few dollars cheaper at their store.  Don’t expect to save a lot of money, they are only $3 – $4 cheaper on most products

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