Componendo: Pocket Music Arranger

Componendo (music pocket arranger) by

Would you like to create your very own songs and play live your favourite hits without even knowing how to read music or without having a musical instrument?  If so, we have just what you need. Using our app and your iPad or iPhone you can make music with just a few simple touches.  Componendo is a music app in “Arranger” style for those who want to have fun playing in real time and recording their own songs in even without knowing anything about music but still want to produce a professional sound. 

This is all thanks to an easy to use and complete structure which gives you:
-Two solo instruments to play melodies (piano and sax);
-Keyboard and bass for the accompaniment;
-25 Drum loops for the rhythm

- The accompaniment chords are laid out on a grid which follows the western world musical system criteria: pressing these buttons you can make up simple or complex so called turnarounds useful to create a backtrack.


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