Compose your own music with your iPhone

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comKenaGard and CamediaWeb, two france based companies, are releasing MusicLoop, an iPhone application that helps you create complex music with your iPhone in a rather simple way.

Here is how it works: you first record a base track, that will define the duration of your loop. Then you can record additional tracks and mix then all together the way you want.

To mix them, you don’t simply put them together and make it loop over time. You can tune the volume of each track and choose when to activate each in real time to have more control on your creation. Here is an example of what you can do with MusicLoop.

Here is a screenshot of the composer view:

A  demo of the application is available on Youtube, so that you can see it work for real:

Also you can checkout our website where you can find more information about the application:

And here is the iTunes link if you are already in love: also follow us on twitter @MusicLoopApp to get informed of new info surrounding the application.

Here is some promo codes, enjoy!!

The application is at $0.99 the first week, so try it out now!

Thanks for your interest and don’t hesitate to contact us through our website to tell what you think of it!!

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