Computer Dictionary App for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Promotional codes below:   Our new Computer Dictionary is one of the most complete reference and educational apps for defining computer, Internet, multi-media, and telecom terms.

With our new Computer Dictionary you don’t have to scroll through long lists of terms. Instead you can quickly Smart-Search a database containing over 10,000 high-tech terms and definitions. You can also quick-browse lists of common Chat Abbreviations, Emoticons, Filename Extensions, ASCII/HEX Code, and Internet Domain Suffixes.

This Computer Dictionary is used by schools, private companies (Cambridge University Press, Platon Consulting, etc) and has been used by thousands online.

The Computer Dictionary is now available as a stand-alone mobile app for the iPhone/iPod and the iPad. No Internet connection is required. Our Computer Dictionary is not as cumbersome as some and is more complete than others.  Get it now on iTunes.

Computer Dictionary iPhone/iPad app splash page
Computer Dictionary iPhone/iPad app Table of Contents Computer Dictionary iPhone/iPad app Search Results
Computer Dictionary iPhone/iPad app Chat Abbreviations Computer Dictionary iPhone/iPad Emoticons

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