Contagious – A contagious iPad Game

Contagious is a board game for all ages. It’s the iPad version of the popular ataxx game, similar to reversi.

In this game your can choose between 3 scenarios:

- Fluffy (5×5): cute creatures and funny sounds; easy to play against the computer.
- Classic (7×7): standard wooden board, for tabletop enthusiasts. Medium difficulty.
- Aztec (7×7): a serious challenge in a exotic environment. For players that feel they can beat the unbeatable.

How to play:
Contagious is a game for 2 players (or 1 vs. the computer). At the starting position, both players have 2 stones, and they move alternatively. Red always makes the first move. The goal is to have more stones than your opponent.

At each turn, a player moves if possible. There are tho movement options: You can choose to copy a stone, or to make a jump. Both types of movement are only possible when moving to an empty space. If you move to one of the empty adjacent spaces (the yellow squares), your stone will be copied. If you jump, your stone won’t be copied — it will be moved to an empty space (the green squares) adjacent to the copying zone.

Furthermore, with both types of movement you will take over any stones that are adjacent to the space you are moving to. In other words, all these stones will change to match your color.

The game ends when all the squares are filled with stones. The player with most stones will be the winner.

Category: Games
Version: 1.0
Size: 9.9MB
Price: $ 0,99
Rate: 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPad.
Seller:Marcos Issler
Company:© BossHouse
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