ConvertMyURL : converts any Web URL into a PDF

ConvertMyURL is available on iphone and ipad, it converts any Web URL into a PDF.

The application includes the possiblity of sending generated PDF by email, uploading it to dropbox or simply opening it with your favorite PDF reader.
All PDF are saved and can be accessed using a file browser included in the application.

The process for converting an URL is simple : Copy the URL from safary or any web browser, launch ConvertMyUrl, paste the link and click on convert. Finaly you’ll have a preview of the generated PDF and a direct access on the main actions as mailing or opening.

We are using 2 converters : and
convertMyURL comes with several options such as :
- Removing background or images.
- Using mediaprint CSS (if available).
- Inserting a table of content.
- Sending the PDF to an email (by the server who make the convertion).

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