CoPilot Live: Feature-Rich Turn by Turn Navigation

Turn by turn navigation is one of the biggest missing features of the iPhone.   It’s been rumored to be part of future releases by Apple and Google but it hasn’t come.  Our Android friends have it.  Why don’t we?  CoPilot Live delivers turn by turn today and it doesn’t stop there.  In my review of the CoPilot Live iPhone App I had a hard time covering all the features.  If you love features and can’t wait for turn-by-turn directions, CoPilot Live is worth looking at.

It’s critical have a several options when picking your destination.    CoPilot Live has you covered with 7 different ways to select a destination.  The obvious ones are Address,  Points of Interest and by browsing the map.  CoPilot Live also offers saved favorite places, navigate to a contact, navigate to a photo with location data and manually enter coordinates.   I found that each of these options was very well done.  For example, several of the options remember your last search.  The POI search has several categories and even lets you use Bing or Wikipedia for search.  It’s the little things the make the difference and CoPilot Live does the the little things well.

Routing for CoPilot Live is very good.  A few times it would think I jumped to a parallel street while driving but it would quickly realize I never left our road.  The turn warnings are reasonably done, giving you enough time to prepare for the turn.  If you don’t like the distances, like many other things in CoPilot Live, you can change them.  During a route you can very easily change the stops and force detours.  Traffic is also available an upgrade from within the app.  You can also see 2D maps or 3D maps like many other standalone GPS systems.  There are not many features left out of this app.  It truly rivals standalone systems.

The settings menu is nothing short of insane- in a good way.   Change the map display.   Change the turn warning distance.  You can even change the language and voice of the announcements.   Here is an example- most apps allow you to select male or CoPilot Live iPhone app reviewfemale.  CoPilot Live allows you to select from 29 different languages each with multiple personalities.   The UK English language allows you 8 different personalities.  I prefer Emily.  You can even have CoPilot Live display the speed limit and alert your when you are going over selectable speed over the limit.   In short, CoPiot Live has a HUGE number of settings for customizing the experience.

Other than the occasional brief periods of time where CoPilot Live thought I jumped onto a parallel road, the only 2  issues I have with CoPilot Live are the occasional sluggish performance of moving the map and the occasional missing voice announcements when the app is running in the background.  Zooming and panning the maps aren’t slow and unusable.  They are just a little slower than I would like. When I ran the app in the background it would sometimes miss a voice announcement. 

Overall, I think CoPilot Live rivals a standalone GPS receiver.  There is no question that I found it very useful to find the right destination and get me there without having to look down the at the screen all the time. 

CoPilot Live Premium USA - ALK Technologies, Ltd.

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