10 Cosmetic Surgery Apps for the iPhone

Plastic Surgery iPhone AppsThanks to the iPhone and the creators of some truly innovative apps, you can become fully prepared for any type of cosmetic surgery before even setting foot in a surgeon’s office. If you are thinking about breast lifts, rhinoplasty cost or even gynecomastia, these top 10 cosmetic surgery apps can help:

The Plastic Show – This free iPhone app is a collection of the best cosmetic surgery videos on YouTube. You can see full surgeries, including breast lifts and chin implants, and you can also learn about why plastic surgery may or may not be right for you. You can also see videos for some of the most amazing extreme makeovers ever performed. The Plastic Show was released in 2009 by Pacific Spirit Media, and it is limited to those who are 17 years or older.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery – This is the official app of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It is the most comprehensive resource of information on all types of plastic surgery. If you want to know about rhinoplasty cost in your area, this app can tell you. If you want to weigh the benefits of gynecomastia, this app can do that, too. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is a free app from Visible Apps, but you have to be 17 or older due to nudity and sexual content.

BodyPlastika – BodyPlastika will help you understand how you would look after various types of plastic surgery. This app allows you to mold your face in detail, including your nose, cheeks, chin, jawline and lips. You can also simulate the effects of liposuction on nearly every part of your body. All that is required to use this app is to pay the $1.99 app fee, upload a photo of yourself or take a new photo with your iPhone.

Plastic Surgery iphone apps

RealSelf – This app is a virtual treasure trove of official before and after photos taken by plastic surgeons. RealSelf includes over 8,000 photos, and it gives you the ability to vote on which surgeries you think were worth performing. You can also see the tally of all previous votes on each photo set. RealSelf is a free app developed by RealSelf, Inc. in 2011.

ModYourBod – ModYourBod by Ivy Plastic Surgery is a free app that can help you visualize what you would look like after plastic surgery. After you upload a photo, you have access to multiple tools to sculpt your image as you like. You can then save your before and after photos and email them to Ivy Plastic Surgery for a quote. Additional features allow you to read detailed information about various types of surgery and watch educational videos.

BuildMyBod – BuildMyBod is one of the easiest ways to get an accurate quote on cosmetic surgery procedures. The app takes into account all of the various fees and different costs based on information provided by multiple doctors in your area. You can also specify a doctor to compare prices. If you like the price and want to move forward, you can call the doctor’s office for an appointment directly from the app.

Plastic Surgery iphone apps

iSurgeon Pro – Not all cosmetic surgery apps have to be dry and informative. This app plays like a game, allowing you to act like a plastic surgeon for your friends. In addition to the game mode, the app has an advanced surgery mode to hone your skills even further. Once you are finished, you can post the results directly to Facebook.

iAugment – This is a specialty app for breast augmentation. You can use the app to see how you would look with breasts of different sizes and with different implant options. If you like the results, the app will recommend surgeons near you. You can save your augmented photos to your phone or publish them on Facebook.

Plastic Surgery – This app is one of the best for learning about cosmetic surgery facts. It works like flash cards by giving you a question and allowing you to flip the virtual card for the answer. Features allow you to mix up the cards, choose favorites and index the cards as you like. This app was developed by SkyZipper LLC and costs $2.99.

Pocket Plastic Surgeon – Pocket Plastic Surgeon is yet another app for simulating what you would look like after plastic surgery. You can choose from breast augmentation, liposuction or rhinoplasty. In addition to the simulation, you can get answers to your plastic surgery questions and contact a plastic surgeon in your area. This free app was developed by Synergy Marketing, Inc. for Beautologie Medical Group.


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