Countdown Me: Count down calendar events on your Home screen

Countdown Me 2
riverstone apps proudly presents new full-stop version of it’s (popular) Countdown Me app available in the App Store right now for $1,99. The 2.0 version is aimed at it’s supposed users—you, the active ones. Managers, busy creatives, parents with a lot of events with their beloved children or students with schedules full of study tasks.

This supposes you actively use any of the calendar services within Calendar app. Then you are able to create a countdown from any of your calendar events or even create a new calendar event to be counted down. Or simply as it is, just have a countdown with an alert and number on badge — the all time feature of our app.

We created Countdown Me, since we thought this category of apps needs really beautiful, simple, easy-to-use and useful app. (This we see as our mission generally.)

Countdown Me is an app delivering the service — counting down the days to your important events and noticing you about them. Easily, simply and beautifully. And what really differs Countdown Me from the others is the number showing on the icon on the home screen one of your countdowns without the need to start the app. Along with daily rip-off calendar look with large digits and the ability to flick through up to 17 fullscreen countdowns with the notifications to anyone you want the day before it expires at 2:30 PM.

We are working hard to add deeper functionality to the app.

You just tap the + button, name the countdown and admittedly choose the expiration date. You can set up the notification alert, which comes at 2:30 PM the day before the countdown expires. We have improved vastly this functionality and secured it with combination of iOS own Push and Local Notifications Service.

All your countdowns are listed chronologically. Those expired with an “expired” sticker first, to those in far future, if you had set some. You can flick through them as you do within any full screen lists like say, Weather, Pictures or Home Screens, showing you little dots on the bottom of the screen. The small plus sign to the left of dots you can reach flicking to the very left or simply using triple tap on the screen.

If you want to try Countdown Me 2, download Countdown Me Lite from the App Store for free.

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