I LOVE Craigslist.  I started using Craigslist back in 2000 while I was one of those dot-commers in San Francisco.  Really, I was!  I still peruse Craigslist for collectibles, pets, announcements, stuff I’m looking for, etc, almost every day.  And no, I don’t use the personals, get your mind out of the gutter.  Ok – I read them sometimes, for fun.

I love this application from Visceral labs as much as I love Craigslist.  It’s truly Craigslist for the iPhone.  You can do everything – search any Craigslist city, browse all the categories, search the entire list or just a category, post a listing, and even email a listing to a friend.  You can save favorite searches so you don’t have to re-enter them every time.   If there’s an address on the listing, you can open a Google Map of it, right from the app.  The only thing that you bored psychos with too much free time on your hand can’t do with this app is flag entries for removal.  And that’s NOT a criticism.  I’d be happy to see that go away from the actual Craigslist.

Now, it wouldn’t be one of my reviews without at least a little criticism.  So here it goes.  I confused the hell out of myself when I first downloaded Craigster, because the icon name and the name on the splash screen says “CraigsPal”.   Maybe it was the martinis talking, but it took me a day and a half to figure out if I’d installed the right app or not.  Craigster is only $0.99, and if you’re a Craigslist regular, it’s a must have.

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