Crazy Pirate Slots will make you say ARR!: Slot machine game for iPhone

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comA sarcastic pirate and scurvy skulls out to steal your gold, this isn’t your grandma’s slot machine. The crew at Clever Fox Software are introducing a new slot app for the iPhone and iPod Touch with an iPad version on the way. At first glance its a classic 3 reel slot machine but what makes this different is the ability to interact with and in certain cases tap to shoot the icons for bonuses and other features.

As the player bets and spins the lever, skulls randomly appear on the reels and unless they are tapped away quickly they will take some of the hard earned booty. “When a parrot appears a quick tap launches a fun spin the wheel style mini game. As the score rises the game gets progressively more difficult requiring not just good luck but fast reflexes to make a path to the ‘Bonus Booty’ jackpots” said A J O’Toole founder of Clever Fox.

The small team at Clever Fox all have backgrounds in high end 3D Animation and Visual FX, and those skills now spill over into app development. The interface has a polished nautical look throughout with all the icons rendered in 3D. The voice of Captain Pineapple, the game’s mascot can be heard during the game giving the player words of encouragement or more often than not salty insults if they are not capturing enough gold. “Spin the wheel, but be warned miss too many skulls and it’ll be straight to Davy Jones’ Locker!” said O’Toole.

To see a video walkthrough step aboard the website :

Crazy Pirate Slots is available on the App Store for $0.99

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