Crazy Test – a Wacky Wario Ware inspired iPhone/iPod Touch game

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What is Crazy Test?
Inspired by the popular Wario Ware franchise Crazy Test brings wacky tactile interaction to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. In short bursts of frantic fun you will tap, swipe, drag, shake or tilt your way through a ton of hilarious mini games. Crazy Test gets your adrenaline pumping with 3 game modes and allows you to challenge your friends through OpenFeint. Unlock a ton of achievements and compete for the top spots on the leaderboard to prove to the world, just how crazy you are!

Crazy Test is developed by Tactile Entertainment, the developer behind Pocket Creatures and is live in the AppStore now!

Key features

  • Short bursts of frantic fun, satisfaction within your first minute of play
  • A ton of content to explore and keep players coming back
  • Dynamic difficulty and randomization to keep things fresh
  • Community support with leaderboards, achievements and challenges
  • OpenFeint enabled

iTunes: Buy Crazy Test
YouTube: Crazy Test Teaser
YouTube: Crazy Test Game Play Trailer
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