Create Text Images And Send Them To Friends With Text Candy Pro iPhone Application

App Candy Productions LLC is proud to announce their {most recent|latest} app {known as|called} Text Candy Pro. This is a {enjoyable|fun} and creative app for the iPhone geared to users of all ages.

Text Candy Pro is based on sending images to your {buddies|friends} and loved ones that are text-based. Text images, or textpics, are images that look hand drawn and {nearly|almost} vector based. They {provide|offer} a {really|very} creative and original way to express images {via|through} a new art-style medium.

The {kinds|types} of text images that users will be able to {produce|create} with the Text Candy Pro range only by the user’s imagination and creative talent. Movie characters, animals and even {enjoyable|fun} holiday events can be remained and drawn {utilizing|using} this application.

There are {numerous|many} other {functions|features} and {advantages|benefits} in {utilizing|using} the app for iPhone users. You can send images {via|through} text messaging directly to {an additional|another} iPhone, e-mail them and even post the text-based {photos|pictures} directly onto Facebook. {Whether or not|Whether} you use pre-existing images or {produce|create} your own is up to you. There are 10 {various|different} categories in the app to pick from.

“If you {appreciate|enjoy} new forms of art, image manipulation or {merely|simply} want to unleash your inner creative side, you {ought to|should} check out Text Candy Pro”, said Lana Parker, the PR Manager of App Candy Productions LLC.

- 10 categories to {select|choose} from (Animals, Cartoons, Holidays, and {much more|more})
- {Produce|Create} your own Textpics
- Share Textpics via {e-mail|email}, SMS or Facebook
- Add to Favorites
- Check {lately|recently} {utilized|used} Textpics

Device Requirements:
- iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device
- {Demands|Requires} iOS 4. minimum
- 12.2 MB of {totally free|free} space

Pricing and Availability:
Text Candy Pro is {accessible|available} worldwide {via|through} the Apple App Store in the Social Networking category for $1.99:

About App Candy Productions LLC:

Bay {Region|Area}-based is a startup developer focused on {making|creating} innovative mobile applications.

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