Crime Spree

I like crime, and I like going on sprees of various sorts, so it’s only natural that Crime Spree caught my attention, plus I was interested in seeing what Skyworks could do with a non-sports title since my only exposure to their work had been through Arcade Bowling, 3 Point Hoops, and Field Goal Frenzy.

Crime Spree isn’t quite as glamorous as the name sounds, but it’s still a pretty good time killer that has the potential to get you hooked in the same way Pac Man had people hooked 25 years ago. In fact I’m sure there’s a much better comparison to be made here than Pac Man, but right now that’s all I got… Crime Spree is kind of like Pac Man. There are major differences of course, one being that you’re controlling a car instead of a ball that eats smaller balls, but this game definitely has the feel of some old skool arcade action.

The basic idea behind Crime Spree is that you’re a mobster cruising around town grabbing bags of loot while the cops try to bust you and haul your ass to the slammer. There are deposits of cash spread out all over the city map and if you’re playing in Arcade mode you need to grab them all before advancing to the next level; Survival mode just keeps putting out more money to grab until the law finally catches up with you.

Also out there on the streets are a few different powerups… if you’ve got Johnny Law in your rearview, you can release an oil slick that will temporarily slow him down and if you’re lucky you may also get to pick up an extra life or some short-lived invincibility.

Controlling the car can be done with any of three control schemes: tap, tilt, or swipe. Personally I prefer swiping but they all work fine and I like having the choices.

Probably one of the best features is the minimap that shows you where everything is including you, the cops, and the money. The city maps can be confusing, so having the minimap for guidance is awesome and it’s even smart enough to switch to the other side of the screen if you happen to be driving under it.

Before picking up this game for the first time, the name “Crime Spree” and the car in the App Store icon at first conjured up images of extreme badassery like in the Grand Theft Auto game franchise. While it may not be THAT kind of action, it’s still a good game for a buck. As with the other Skyworks games I’ve tried, this one doesn’t defer to iPod but it does come with their global scoreboard, and if the screenshots do anything for you then this app is probably a good gamble. You can also watch the demo video here.

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