Croma, a fast-paced shooting experience

Croma is a fast paced abstract experience, a shooter in the grand tradition of Ikaruga on a much smaller scale. Visual and audio design combine to create an atmosphere of meditative lows and frenetic highs, in this constantly evolving monochromatic world. Enemies assail the player from two opposed dimensions – light and dark – and balancing the two is never easy.

Compete with your friends using Game Center and OpenFeint. How long can you survive?

Mindfruit Interactive is pleased to announce Croma for iOS devices, available now in the App Store. Mindfruit is a collective; a small conglomeration of young, urban creatives with an eye for the surreal, iconic, and tangible. Our films, products, and media are focused on rich aesthetics, a playful atmosphere, and a gorgeous assault on the senses. We invite you to be part of this clique we have cultivated and to partake in the media we create.

Croma website:
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Thank you very much for considering our App.

-the Mindfruit team.

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