Crosspatch: puzzle game for iPhone

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comWe’d like to let you know about Crosspatch, a new shape-matching puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Crosspatch displays a number of disks, which the player can arrange by dragging them into place. The objective is to group the disks into sets, so that each set contains only disks that match each other. It’s as simple as that.

It’s tactile, addictive, and quick to play, with most games lasting less than a minute.

Initially the player has to arrange nine disks into three sets of three. Disks match each other if:

  • They all have the same shape
  • They are all the same color
  • They all have the same background color

As more puzzles are solved, more features become available, making the puzzles more challenging.

  • New shapes and colors can be earned
  • Sets can intersect with each other, so that the player must try to fit some disks into more than one set simultaneously
  • Some disks rotate, giving a new way to match disks
  • The player must arrange sixteen disks into sets of four

Watch the demo on YouTube.

Crosspatch generates puzzle randomly, giving the player an effectively unlimited number of puzzles.

Crosspatch is priced at $0.99 and available in the App Store now.  A free edition, Crosspatch Lite, is also available. Crosspatch Lite doesn’t include all the shapes and colors, and is limited to the nine-disk puzzles. The full version includes more shapes and colors, as well as the sixteen-disk puzzles.

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