Cryptic Keep, a Medieval Adventure Game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Alta Loma, California – 3D Methods launches its first title, Cryptic Keep, a classic adventure style game where players will explore a mysterious ancient castle in order to find a vanished king’s lost sword.

In the midst of the invading army, the king, Telvonus, sealed his keep with a spell. He left only one way to reenter the keep, The Sword of Ire. Telvonus concealed the Sword somewhere within the castle so that he may one day return to his keep.

Players will venture into the castle and search for the location of the sword and reveal what lies within the keep. During their search, players will explore, solve mysteries, and encounter puzzles throughout the castle. Finding a hidden key to a lost room, or recognizing a symbol hidden in plain sight are just some of the obstacles players will face. Each puzzle the player solves brings them one step closer to finding the true location of the sword. Will you be the one to find the Sword of Ire and enter the keep?

* Discover a vast medieval castle
* Adventure style point and click
* Variety of items to discover and use
* Over 40 individually crafted scenes
* Beautiful and detailed environments
* Fun and engaging puzzles

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