Custom Hangman: the classic hangman game now on iPhone

Custom Hangman is the classic game of Hangman with the emphasis on “Custom.” Playing this game with the category that interests you is what makes it fun. And if the category you want is not part of the app already, you can download more categories submitted by other users, or create your own. Then you can share your custom word lists with others, or not – its your game.

This game is also educational; kids and grown-ups alike can sharpen their spelling skills while having fun. Young students can even use this game to learn their weekly spelling words.
It comes with several fun and educational word lists pre-loaded: “Celebrities” and “50 States” are a couple of my family’s favorites.
Here’s what previewers said about the game:
“My eight year old played 50 States for hours, asking other family members for help when she was stumped. She ended up with a perfect score (50 wins, 0 losses) and we were all thrilled with the game.”
“I follow celebrities so after I started playing Custom Hangman with the Celebrities word list, I couldn’t put it down.”
“This is just the app I was looking for to make studying spelling fun”

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