“Cut! It’s a Wrap!”: new interactive book for kids on iPad

“Cut! It’s a Wrap! The Secret of the Mummy from the Cellar” – new interactive book for kids on iPad.
Designed for kids who can read by themselves, “Cut! It’s a Wrap!” is the best mix of vivid animated illustrations and captivating detective story.

Children can read the book, play with wonderful characters and enjoy mini-games. “Cut! It’s a Wrap!” can really make children love to read.

“Cut! It’s a Wrap!” is a funny detective story about life at the animal film studios. The Fox, director of the studios is having hard times. A charming actress asks him for help in finding her stolen jewelry.

“After we’ve read the story for the first time, we felt that this book should be surely published on iPad,” – developers from eMotion Tales studio say. “It’s a new level of fun when you can read the book and every single illustration on the page can move or make different sounds. Who will want to read ordinary books after this?”

* More that 35 colorful pages with illustrations.
* Interactive animations and sound effects almost on every page.
* Kids can help the investigation by playing mini-games during the reading.

New in v1.1
* Some animation added
* Minor text layout changes.
Youtube video:

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