Cute Lola panda teaches the world flags

Beijing-based game design studio Beiz releases the best children’s flag game, Lola’s Flag adventure, for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game combines fancy high quality graphics with undoubted educational value.

Lola’s Flag Adventure is a first game of BeiZ’s Lola game family. In future Lola and her friends will guide the children through the intricate world of Math, Alphabet and other subjects.

Lola’s Flag Adventure includes two games – memory game for children who cannot read yet and flag trivia for older children. Thus game provides fun and challenge both for preschoolers and junior school children.

Other Lola games are based on the same concept featuring high-quality voice guidance, easy-to-use interface and thoroughly designed panda graphics.

“We believe in educational games that can be fun to play as well. We don’t want the children to be game addicts, but provide fun and educational moments as part of the other activities in children’s lives” says Head of BeiZ gaming Studio, Minna Heikinheimo.

The game is available for 1.99$ on Apple’s App Store. Currently it has two language versions – English and simplified Chinese, but more will be added in future.

Get the Lola’s Flag Adventure here:

Screenshots available at:

About Beiz:

Beiz Ltd is a mobile game studio that concentrates on providing enjoyable edutainment solutions for children and adults. Beiz also assists its partners in publishing their games and mobile content. Beiz has headquarters in Hong Kong and operations in China and in Finland. Please visit for more information.

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