Register announces the release of iCademy – Discover Your iPhone

iCademy is a free iPhone application dedicated to enhance the iPhone user experience by providing valuable instructions, tips and tricks. The basis for this iPhone guide is a thoroughly thought through eLearning system based on easy to grasp lessons presented on flashcards.

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS – “Many people are confident that Apple® has created the best mobile devices available today.” shares these thoughts but emphasizes the need to improve the users knowledge of how to make use of the vast numbers of features these devices provide. Investigations show that more than 60% of iPhone users use less than 10% of the devices capabilities and features. Especially multitouch gestures and shortcuts are completely unfamiliar to most users.

„iPhone can be used as a full-featured, voice-controlled navigation/multimedia/handsfree device replacing expensive car radio systems, saving thousands of Dollars“ says Ali Raeder, head of Marketing and Communications at „By learning more about it’s capabilities and how to fit the iPhone to personal needs, people can catch up with innovations and make their lives more convenient, saving time and money at the same time.“

iCademy guides beginners through basic hardware and software lessons. All important and time-saving features as well as all preinstalled apps are explained. Even advanced users will learn things they didn‘t know, nor expect to learn. More than 250 instructions and tips are packed into iCademy making it the most enlightening iPhone user guide.

Each iCademy flashcard is accompanied by an illustration to improve the learning experience. Single cards can be forwarded within the app in order to share tips with friends and colleagues.

The iCademy app is available for free on the App Store, thanks to the sponsorship of ProCamera, a camera enhancement application for the iPhone.

iTunes Download Link:

Screenshots: created ProCamera as one of the first camera apps in 2008 and has been constantly improving it. “The camera is the only weakness of the iPhone. At the same time, the iPhone offers lots of ways to get the most out of the hardware, like combining the accelerometers with the process of taking pictures. Our Anti-Shake system is the best way to take crisp and blur-free photos with these great devices”, says Jens Daemgen, founder and lead-developer of
The latest version of ProCamera introduces a photo studio offering image post-processing to improve taken pictures, especially pictures taken in low-light situations.

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