Dashbuster Free – Netflix Blockbuster Manager

Dashbuster Free is the “lite” version of Seventy Nine Lines’ online rental queue manager. It works with both Netflix and Blockbuster Online, and since I only use Blockbuster that’s the only part of this app I’ll be able to talk about here.

Dashbuster Free is great if all you need to do is change the order of movies you’ve got lined up or delete crappy movies you’re no longer interested in seeing. I played around with it while comparing the results to my Blockbuster queue on my laptop, and the changes were immediate.

But remember… this is the free version of the app, so if you want to add movies or do anything else you’ll have to buy Dashbuster Premium when it gets put back in the app store. Apparently Seventy Nine Lines took it down voluntarily to retool it for Blockbuster Online’s ever-changing website.

You can also look up movies with search or browse them through the RSS feature, but if you can’t add them to your queue it’s all pretty pointless. No movie trailers either! I can understand them holding this feature back from the lite app, but it would be reasonable to expect trailers in the premium version (which I haven’t tried yet).

Still, I really could have used this app when I was plowing through Battlestar Galactica DVDs a month ago. All I wanted to do was delete a DVD from my queue and I was sitting in my car trying to navigate Blockbuster’s site in Safari. Dashbuster Free would have made doing that super easy.

There are a bunch of notes on Dashbuster’s App Store page that describe current issues, mostly concerning Netflix. Anytime you’re dealing with an app that’s sucking info from a third party website, some bugginess seems to be par for the course as the developer tries to keep up with code changes. I didn’t experience any problems in my quick trial run, but if you do then you should probably take a look at the known issues or contact the developer directly.

Dashbuster Free, as near as I can tell on the Blockbuster side, does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s a pretty good sales pitch for the premium version of the app and is worth trying out if you do the DVDs-by-mail thing.

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