I’m not the best son in the world. I’m generally a romantic, but greeting cards feel like a massive scam to me. And of course my mom LOVES her Hallmark cards. She’s of the persuasion that the sentiment isn’t fully communicated unless you give a sappy card, a funny card & something in between. OVERKILL. I was intrigued at the possibility of skipping the last minute run to the drug store and instead having that wall of sap & slush at the ready in my pocket.

In it’s current incarnation, Hallmark won’t be losing any sleep over D*Cards. But they might be wise & buy the application & the company outright.

As soon as the app launches, the first thing you’ll notice is that you just paid 99¢ for an app with ads! Right away, that’s a dealbreaker for me. It seems self-explanatory, but If I’m gonna shell out some cash for an app then I don’t expect to have my precious screen real estate taken over my AdMob’s crap. I don’t pay extra for Showtime & HBO just for the nudity. None of the screenshots show you any ads, so you only find out AFTER you’ve stuffed your buck in Apple’s piggy bank.

At the moment, there are eight categories of cards, including Sunny Day, Get Well Soon & Mother’s Day. (crap, I just tried to back out of the Mother’s Day category & hit one of their stupid ads.)

Each category has a different amount of actual cards to choose from. The interface is fairly simple to figure out. Pick a category, then a card, then hit Send to customize it. Not the most intuitive option, but okay. Once you get into the customization screen, you can type a small message & even record an audio clip.

The audio is a really nice addition. Mainly because the design of the cards is subjective to say the least. They really don’t suit my tastes at all. Frankly, some of them are downright ugly & weird.

Once you’ve sent your work of art, the recipient gets an email that directs them to a website. If they get the message in a standard browser, they get this fairly straight-forward screen.

But, if they go on an iPhone, then they get this iphone formatted version

I’m disappointed the devs would sacrifice part of the card so their banner can take up the space.

Honestly, i think they can make a better product that’s more suited within the small & fast confines of the iPhone. D’Cards should be quick sentiments – I love you, I miss you, I just farted. Maybe not that last one. You just can’t do bigger events & messages like Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday any justice on this scale. Model the thoughts after & then you might be on to something. Hallmark’s Shoebox division has a hilarious blog & these guys could totally go to town with an app like this.

Right now, I’m saying save your pennies & get your moms a real card.

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