Defen-G Astro: Tower Defense Taken to the Next Level

If you like tower defense games, you’ll love Defen-G Astro.  The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is addictive, and the evolving strategy is very entertaining.  If you think you spend enough time on your phone playing some other game, think again.  Defen-G Astro is about to take over.

The concept is just like any other tower-type strategy-defense games.  You place warriors (Nature Corps in this case) in a line defend the tower.  A seemingly never-ending stream of opponents (DieCore Corps) marches toward your troops and engage in automated battle.   As the game proceeds, you unlock more powerful and sophisticated warriors.  Some warriors, like the Defense Pumpkin and the Cold Charcoal are intended for defense.  Other warriors, like the Dancer Woolley and the Ice hedgehog, are used for killing the rush of opponents.  Still more warriors, like the Apple Bomb and the Grape Bomb can be placed in the middle of the enemy to blow up approaching enemies before they arrive to your line of defense.  The list of unlocked warriors is immense and will force you to keep playing.  You always want to know the capabilities of the next warrior and enemy.Defen-G Astro Review

The list of opponents is equally impressive.  It’s not a welcomed site to see an Ice Man or a Wooden Puma heading toward your defenses.  You might not even want to play to higher levels where you can do battle  with a Violet Wizard or the Sturgeon.  They will give you nightmares.

Another couple of interested twists make Defen-G Astro different from the standard strategy defense game.  First, you can stack your warriors up to 3 tall.   When you do this, you have to give it some thought.  Putting a defense oriented warrior on the second or third level may not make sense.  Or maybe it will- when the opponents begin to fly.  We’ll leave that up to you to decide.  Some warriors attack opponents who are very close.  Others are intended for long range battle.  Do you want your long range opponents in the front to reduce the number of advancing enemies?  That’s a good question for you to answer.

We mentioned that the battle is automated.  That’s not exactly true.  Although you do not control the actions of your warriors there is plenty to do in each battle after you initially form your defensive line.  You have to constantly monitor troop health levels, apply shields, place bombs and replace fallen warriors.  If you run out of money you may need to sell back warriors and replace them with more effective warriors.  If your opponents break through your lines you might even have to regroup and establish new defensive positions.  But will you have enough money to do that without the financial recharging of your offensive firepower?  That’s for you to decide.

Defen-G Astro reviewA mark of a great game is the evolution of strategies as the game proceeds.  Defen-G Astro hits the mark in this regard.  The stages definitely get challenging as the opponents begin getting tougher.  You have to adapt your strategies as you move through levels.  What you did in the first few levels, when it seemed easy, will no longer work.   Adapt.  Defend.  Win.

The graphics are great. There is one major flaw, however.  We believe the text is too small for the iPhone.  Although this app is not universal, we believe the gameplay is more enjoyable on the iPad because of the small print and the relatively small area for finger controls.  If there is anything we don’t like about Defen-G Astro it’s the amount of small controls and text on the screen.  It would really be awesome if you could move between the iPhone and Ipad and keep the same stage and status.  You’ll spend a lot of time attaining the higher levels.

The paid version of the app is higher than you may be used to at $2.99.  However, we think it’s worth the extra couple of dollars.  Skip a couple of sodas and spend a couple extra dollars on a game you will play for a long time.  It’s worth the investment.

Paid Version:
Defen-G Astro - innodis
 Lite Version:
[Lite] Defen-G Astro - innodis

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