Discover how much food and money you waste with this free iPhone App

Wasting food is the same as throwing money straight into the bin. To help stop this waste, have launched a free food waste calculator iPhone app that shows how much money you could save if you stopped wasting food.

The amount of money that we could all save over a year is enormous. If people realised how much they wasted every year then they would immediately reduce their food waste. This iPhone app helps show users the stark reality of how much food they waste.

‘The iPhone is a great means of giving people personalised information,’ said a spokesman. ‘We all know that we should stop wasting food and we know that we could save money. But we can more easily picture the waste and do something about it when we see figures that directly relate to ourselves.’

Download the free iPhone app from the apple app store and see how much money you could save every month or year if you cut your food waste. is a company helping transform food waste in the United Kingdom. We supply fully compostable food waste bags all over the UK.

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