Do Some Good – bite size volunteering on your phone

Orange today extended its commitment to volunteering in the UK, with the launch of the UK’s first mobile volunteering initiative, harnessing the power of mobile technology to transform the way people give time to good causes. The ‘Do Some Good’ app allows convenient, bite-size volunteering through a mobile phone, enabling users to do a good deed at a time and place that suits their lifestyle – all in less than five minutes.

The app will include twelve different charity ‘actions’ that consumers can complete anytime, with Orange committed to adding new actions throughout the year.

Orange has created these different volunteering actions in collaboration with the 12 charities, enabling them to reach potentially millions of people. For example, people can use the app to upload a photo of a rundown green space for guerrilla gardeners to consider renovating, or complete a five question survey to help the Samaritans gain a better understanding of the nation’s wellbeing.

To accompany the app, Orange has also launched a website which features other exciting charity apps, links to real life volunteering opportunities and the collective impact of our mobile volunteers.

Furthermore, people who complete 60 actions (equivalent to four hours) of volunteering time through the ‘Do Some Good’ app will become eligible to join the Orange RockCorps Collective and earn amazing music rewards, such as tickets to a gig of your choice.

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