Do you have a webcam on your MAC or Windows machine ? Time to see it on your iPhone and iPad!

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New Video Streaming webcam App transforms how the iPhone can now be considered a high powered security and communications device.

Precision Systems announced today that it has been successful in the launch of it’s video streaming App in the Apple iTunes store. The App is Called ProCamPlus and it revolutionizes the way an iPhone or iPad device can be used.

It’s never a bad time to start using the iPhone for more than a phone and more than games.
ProCamPlus enables the iPhone user to be able to view and stream their own web camera feed that is installed on their desktop PC or MAC. Now anyone can take advantage of all the iPhone or iPad offers and utilize the flexibility of having their own office cam, security cam or nanny cam.

ProCamPlus web site…

Unique to ProCamPlus is it’s compatibility with a wide range of hardware. Once a web camera is installed and working on the desktop computer, then ProCamPlus will be able to communicate with it thru the iPhone and soon on any iPad device. The App provides the ability to record live video feeds, retrieve and reply pre recorded video and even take still snapshots of any portion of the video feed.

The global availability of ProCamPlus In the Apple Store, offers the global community of iPhone and iPad users the ability to instantly download, start using it within minutes.

The consumer an intuitive interface, fast setup and a user friendly support website.
About Precision Systems

If you would like more information about Precision Systems, ProCamPlus or any of their video streaming products or services, or to schedule an interview, please contact  Fahmi Slail via an e-mail to info(at)ProCamPlus(dot)com.

ProCamPlus is a video streaming iPhone and iPad App that enables the user to view in real time video feeds from their office or home webcam. a low cost security solution that will always be with you.


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