Do you want to blog?

If you have contemplated creating a blog you need to first find good web hosting company.  A web host is the company that serves all of your web pages to the internet.  It is a very important part of any blog because you rely on their service to make sure your page is accessible.

Some hosting companies also offer managed hosting or colocation services.  If you have a very popular blog you may consider managed hosting.  This will allow you to place a server in their facility and they make sure it remains online and your site accessible to the public.

I started my first blogs using the free web space provided by my web host.  This is a cheap way to get your site online but the downfall is if your site gets popular you will need to move your site due to traffic demands.  The free hosts do not want a popular web site clogging up their bandwidth so you will be forced to move.  So if you are serious about creating a blog, make sure and get a good host first.  It will save you time in the future.

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