Dog IQ: IQ Test app for dogs on iPhone

Ever wonder how smart your dog really is? Did you ever want to increase your dog’s intelligence? Each iphone Dog IQ test consists of 11 simple and fun questions that give well rounded overview on your dog’s mental ability as well as increase your dog’s overall intelligence through repetition.

Just like in humans, there are different kinds of intelligence. For dogs, there are 5 basic kinds: problem solving abilities, social intelligence, awareness, sense and ability to learn and adapt
Dog IQ Test is designed to test all five kinds of intelligence giving a well rounded overview on how mentally adept your dog really is.

Few pointers to get maximum out of this test:
1. Use your own dog, at least one year old, and living with you for at least 3 months
2. The tests should be like a game for your dog.
3. You must remain calm, don’t raise your voice, act disgusted or over excited
4. It is advise to repeat the test on regular basis to improve the scores.
5. The tests can be given separately and in any order.
6. No matter how your dog scores, give him lots of love and positive attention afterwards.

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