Dog Thoughts

I am a huge dog person – you know this, if you’ve read my reviews.  I don’t just prefer them to cats, I would feed a cat to a dog rather than have a cat live in my home.  I have a bumper sticker that says, “Cat – the other white meat.”  Cats suck.  That being said,  I will gravitate towards anything that has anything even remotely to do with dogs.  So no wonder I gravitated towards Dog Thoughts, by Smooth Edge Design. 

It’s a cute little app, that lets you either take a photo of your pooch, or use a photo in your album (of which I have several).  Then you can resize the photo to your liking, shake your iPod, and a thought that may be what was in your slobbering pup’s head at the time the photo was taken is displayed at the bottom.  Don’t like that thought?  Shake again – there are over 100 different thoughts that rotate.  You can even edit thoughts to add your own phrases. 

Once you’ve found the thought that goes with the photo, you can save it to the gallery, and use it as wallpaper, email attachment, whatever.  I played with this application for about an hour straight with a pooch on my lap, and it was fun, but, honestly, I lost interest after about an hour.  My 13-year-old daughter, on the other hand, thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  She emailed photos of her pups to everyone she knows, with different, cute little phrases on the bottom.   I think the tweener market is probably spot-on for this kind of dalliance.  If I had one criticism, it would be that you can’t save a photo in the app – you must take or select a photo every time you use it, but it’s easy to select a photo from the gallery, so that’s only a minor beef.

The graphics in the app are not only adorable, the quality and design is fabulous.  You can tell this developer’s primary business is web site design.  Dog Thoughts is on sale right now, too, just a mere $0.99, but the developer was nice enough to share some free codes so you can try it for yourself – or your tweener. 

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