Dominos-42 3D: Official State Game of Texas is like Euchre with Dominos

Dominos-42 3D Lands on iPhone Ahead of Its Official Naming as State Game of Texas

Dominos 42, also known as Texas 42, is about to become the Official State Game of Texas (source: )

Dominos 42 plays like a “Card” game, similar to Euchre. In Dominos-42 3D for iPhone, you can play solo, or with up to 3 friends via Wifi. The object of the game is to make tricks, earn your bid, win the hand, and ultimately collect enough points or marks to win the game. Dominos-42 uses dominoes instead of cards, but otherwise plays just like a card game.

This version is for iPhone, and includes support for the retina display. It also runs great on iPad and iTouch. There are only 2 Dominos-42 games on the iStore, and unlike the other edition, this one has much smarter AI (for solo play, or partner play), has far better graphics, and none of the other annoyances and bugs of the other title with a similar name.

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